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Wise Man dairy has a none refunds policy.


By using wisemandairy. com and its service you agree that users, partners, instructors, knowledge seekers or others will not be compensated in any form for posts, videos or other wise, information communicated that is used or can be used by Wise Man Dairy, partners, instructors and participants unless it is explicitly indicated in the post uploading page along with the amount of compensation if any. 

By using wisemandairy.com you agree that Wise Man Dairy has the right post advertisements on its website directly or through a second party and website participants will  not be paid or compensated even if their contribution resulted directly or indirectly in any advertisement revenue


In most circumstances we allow students to take the courses multiple times. If the course if offered for free Wise Man Dairy can’t guarantee that the course will stay for free by the time you attempt to take the course again.

By joining this website you agree that your name and email address might be sent to the partner institution. For more info please read more in our privacy policy.

Most courses has one exam,or more, and/or  assignments; you agree not to share the questions, answers or assignment material with anyone. This material is also copy right protected.

Certificates and badges are placed in your student account only when you pass the exam. Certificates and badges will not be issued without the successful completion of the exam or course requirement under any circumstances.

By using wisemnandiary.com you agree that wisemnandiary.com is not responsible for failing an exam due to any reason even if it’s due to technical issue related to the website or internet interruption.


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By using wisemandiary.com Service, you agree that in the unfortunate event a disagreement required the involvement of a judge or a court the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman courts will resolve the conflict.