Training Services

Our training service offer specialty training in the areas of management, leadership, accounting, finance, statistics, human resource, engineering and software technology.  The training could be conducted online or in an in-class environment. Trainees also have the option to get training in their own locality or in another country.

We also offer training for new hires or for individuals that will assume a certain position and need tailored training to fit that position.

In addition to our tailored programs we offer training in preparation for internationally recognized certificates like the CFA, CMA, PMP and more. For more information about our specialty training service please fill this form or call our number.


One on one- Group,  In class- Online. 



Educational Services

Our educational service is tailored for IGCSE, IB and university students. Through this service students can get one to one help in the areas of management, accounting, finance, statistics and economics.  To learn more about our specialty education service or to schedule your first session please fill this form or call our phone.

One on one- Group-In class- Online.