Educational Institutions

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Allows Messaging

Students can communicate with other students in their class and their teachers and can also be set so that all the educational institution can message each other.


The platform can support two languages English and Arabic. You are more than welcome to ask for a certain language if it is available.


We are committed to train you to be able to use this platform

Detailed Assessment

Platform allows educators to place assessment on topics, lessons and courses. It allows many answer formats such as multiple choice, true and false, short answer, sorting,

Technical Support

We are online to provide technical support for our clients.  We will answer your question and fix anything that might arise.  If you need a certain feature that we are not advertising. Please drop us a note we might be working on such feature.

E commerce Friendly

The platform can be set up to sell courses or products and accept payments.

User Friendly

The platform is very friendly for to teachers and students.


Live video and audio conferencing for teaching and communication within the organisation.

Mobile Friendly

We know that students and teachers alike can’t stay away from their phones and that is why our platform is mobile friendly, students and teachers can do almost anything through their phones.

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