We offer our corporate services to the following markets, GCC, Jordan, Iraq, USA, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, We pride ourselves of delivering quality services that help our clients achieve their objectives.


Wise Man Diary provides training in many areas with a concentration in management, finance, accounting and statistics.  We provide tailed online and in class training.  that fits your companies needs. Our in class training is available the Jordan, Europe and the gulf region. Our online training is available all over the world.


We know that hiring takes is a lengthy and expensive process and each company would like to hire the best fit for its vacancies.  Wise Man Diary can help you screen your candidates bu offering tailored and standard online testing. The candidate can take the inside your company or at home before scheduling the interview.


We can develop a tests in almost any  subject and to any position. We have available tests for general finance and accounting testing.

Technical and Executive Consulting

We know that not every company has all the technical capabilities that it need and that is why we are ready to share our expertise in the ares of general business, finance, accounting and engineering.

Examples of our consulting Services:

  1. Valuations.
  2. Total Cost Analysis.
  3. Total Value Analysis.
  4. Accounting Consulting.
  5. Financial Analysis.
  6. Company Policy Drafting.
  7. Financing Consulting.
  8. Complex problem inter and Intra company consulting.
  9. Procurement Consulting.
  10. Feasibility Studies.