Code of Ethics

Academic Integrity:

Wise Man Diary, Knowledge Seekers, Educational Partners, Instructors, participants and all other users should not engage in any activity that compromise the integrity of the academic process.

Wise Man Diary management and employees should not aid knowledge seekers to pass any exam or full fill the passing requirement for any course. The staff should also refrain from engaging in plagiarism; which is a serious academic dishonesty activity.

Knowledge Seekers should not cheat or attempt to cheat on any exam or assignment and work on all assignments, quizzes and exams alone unless it was explicitly stated by the instructor or Wise Partner otherwise. Knowledge Seekers are not allowed to share exam questions and/ or answers and/or assignment question and answers even after fulfillment and passage of the course requirement. Knowledge Seekers should not engage in plagiarism

Educational Partners and their employees should refrain from plagiarism and ensure the accuracy of the academic information delivered to the knowledge seekers. The exam questions and answers  along with assignment questions and answers  should be guarded and treated with confidentiality.

Instructors should not engage in plagiarism and insure academic integrity of the exams and the exam questions.

Deal with Honesty and Professionalism:

Wise Man Diary employees, management and Educational Partners should deal with honesty and professionalism to knowledge seekers, former knowledge seekers, participants, instructors and partners. Knowledge Seekers should always show courtesy and respect towered other knowledge seekers, participants, Wise Man Diary employees and Wise Man Diary educational partners. The Knowledge Seeker, participants, instructors and educational partners should refrain from discussing any partner products and services on this platform or advertise directly or indirectly to any organisation or its products and/or services.

Comments, Communications and Posts:

You are not allowed to communicate, comment or post any information related to alcohol, drugs or sex. You are not allowed defame any religion or ethnicity.

Faithful Presentation:

All information provided by the  participants, partner company and /or its instructor should be accurate.

Knowledge Seekers, participants and other users should provide accurate information in their accounts, profiles and resumes. Misleading educational partners, employers, other users or Wise Man Diary employees or management about experiences or educational background is prohibited.

Instructors should provide correct information about their experiences and educational background.

Compliance with Rules, Laws, and Regulations:

Wise Man Diary and employees are responsible for compliance with all applicable Jordanian laws, Knowledge seekers, participants, partners, instructors and other users should also be in compliance with applicable laws when engaging other knowledge seekers, participants, partners or Wise Man Diary employee and management.

Confidentiality of Information:

Wise Man Diary privacy policy can be found here.

Partner Institutions and instructors should treat knowledge seekers information with confidentiality; and not share any of the student information with any other party.

Reporting Dishonesty:

We encourage employees, partners, participants and knowledge seekers and all other users to report any dishonest behavior to Wise Man Diary management team by emailing us at [email protected]